Today, we live in a digital world and social media have become an inseparable part of everyone’s lives. Taking advantage of this fact, many brands are now spending a lump sum amount of money on social media marketing.

Unlike newspapers or TV ads, you cannot just turn the page or change the channel to avoid the ads that appear on your news feed. Due to an increase in the global usage of social media platforms, digital marketing can now generate more ROI compared to traditional marketing techniques.

There are numerous social media platforms out there but the best one for building your brand is Instagram. Do not think that the audience base of Instagram is what makes it more popular, no if that was the case then, what wrong did Facebook do? It has more users than Instagram. So, the user base is not an appropriate metric to measure the popularity of a social media platform. 

If you are eager to know why Instagram is better than other social media platforms, then no doubt that this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the reasons that will justify why Instagram is popular than other social media platforms.

Instagram is Visual

The best medium that you can use to tell a story or describe something is a pleasant picture. And no doubt Instagram is the best at it whereas, in Facebook and Twitter, people tend to share lengthy posts and statuses that sometimes become boring to read.

But on Instagram, you can convey your messages and thoughts using pleasant and beautiful pictures and videos that are relevant to express your thoughts in the right way. 

Instagram is Social

Instagram is social and, so are other social media platforms, so what’s the big deal in it? Well, read on to find out. Instagram not only allows you to share beautiful photos and videos but it also allows you to follow people you like and admire and, the best thing is if they want, they can follow you back.

Instagram gets a level up as in Instagram when you add someone then your posts will become visible to them. Although, in Instagram, if you follow an account that is private but they don’t follow you back then you can see their posts they will not be able to see yours. So, can you buy real Instagram followers for increasing the engagement in your posts? The answer is a big yes.

Instagram has a Higher Reach

Sharing pictures and videos on Instagram is fun and it will be more fun when you will know, besides sharing pictures, you can also increase its reach by adding hashtags. Hashtags help your posts to be easily located by others.

So clearly you can say that the chances of your posts going viral are more on Instagram compared to any other social media platform, provided you use the appropriate and relevant hashtags that go with your posts.

Have the Best Filters

Filters are the best way to hide your imperfections and age, and in the matter of filters, there is no match for Instagram. We all know that right? So use the filters and trick your followers in the best way possible. But remember not to overuse this trickery.

Instagram is User-Friendly

Instagram is very user-friendly; the main reason behind this user-friendliness is the ease with which you can share your content on Instagram. The best thing about sharing content on Instagram is that when you will share something, Instagram will automatically let you choose other social media platforms where you want to share the same post.

Better Market Penetration

According to Forbes, almost 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business account and 70 percent of its users visits Instagram only in search of new brands. If you want to grow your business then you have to take your business to a lot of people and promote your brand in the best way possible, and just guess, what is the better place for doing that? If your guess is Instagram then it is 100 percent right.

Instagram helps you to share short videos and high-resolution images of your products and as said earlier hashtags are already there to increase the reach of your posts. Besides all these, Instagram helps you with a hell of a lot of tools that are necessary for growing a business online; the only thing that you have to do is convert your usual Instagram account into a business account.

Effective Content Display

Instagram is essentially a photo and video sharing platform. This feature helps you to create an effective brand image than Facebook or Twitter. At this point, you might raise a question that we can do all these photo and video sharing stuff on Facebook and Twitter also then what makes Instagram so special.

The answer is the UI of Instagram. Though Instagram has a website its users prefer the mobile app more than the website. The UI of the Instagram app provides a smooth interface to its users, which in turn also helps to enhance user engagement. 

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Instagram gives a Personality to Your Business

With the help of Instagram, you can give an appropriate personality to your business that will differentiate it from others. No matter, in what way you are willing to portray your brand, be it serious or light-hearted, you can do that easily on Instagram by sharing the photos that best justifies your business. 

Instagram Has More Active Users

Another major reason that gives Instagram a level up is the activeness of its users. Compared to Facebook, nearly 60 percent of the users on Instagram tend to like, share, and comment on a post. So if you are doing a business and want to increase engagement in your Instagram account then the only thing you have to do is share the right content frequently. 


These are some reasons why Instagram is better than other social media platforms. In the past few years, Instagram has seen new heights and is expected to grow more in the future.

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