Recently, there has been more internet chatter about dropshipping than ever before. Millennials are by far the driving force behind it, using modern ideas to revive an old fulfilment method. But why is an idea that has been around since the dawn of B2C suddenly become so popular? Is it perhaps the drive of thriving entrepreneurs looking for an easy way to make money? Or is it the fact that it is one of the only e-commerce business ideas where you don’t need the money to start it? Let’s explore.

The Origin Of Dropshipping

Dropshipping dates back to the 60s. It is one of the oldest fulfilment methods that just seems to work. Dropping began its journey in the classic mail-order catalogues – although it wasn’t the origin of dropshipping.  As retail stores began to thrive, big department stores began to sell their stock using a medium. 

Catalogues went out to homes, allowing people to place an order using the phone. The store would then receive the order and pick it from a shelf and send it via delivery. Oh, how times have changed since then – think of the likes of Amazon same-day delivery. 

Dropshipping has evolved since then to allow entrepreneurs to skip the packing and shipping part. Instead, using a third-party supplier to do the packing and shipping. The idea has developed — and somewhat simplified — overtime to make the whole process even easier than it once was. It is no wonder why eager entrepreneurs are desperate to start Dropshipping.

The Easiest Fulfilment Method

Dropshipping is one of the easiest fulfilment methods, if not the easiest. It simplifies B2C commerce like nothing else can, making it possible for anyone to start their own side hustle that could potentially turn into a flourishing business. Let’s explain how it works in more detail.

To start dropshipping, you have to have an e-commerce website to advertise the products you chose to sell. Thankfully, this is easy, thanks to free website template builders, such as WIX. Creating a website doesn’t require fancy coding or a developer who charges high rates. You can completely customize your own website to make it how you want it to be.

Once you have a website, you have to think about the products you want to tell. That is the tricky part because although there are minimal personal investments needed to start a dropshipping business, you still need to sell the products in order for them to work. Some e-commerce website builders such as Shopify will give you an idea of what products are trending right now. Of course, it makes more sense to sell products that are trending because there is more of a chance they will sell. 

You can do your own research to find products that you think will work. From subscription boxes to fitness equipment, there are a ton of trending products right now that will sell. The issue you have is marketing them. You would start marketing the way you would any business. You can use your personal social media pages, start a business account, or even put flyers around your local area. Think about using Reddit, PPC ads, and LinkedIn to market your dropshipping business. The beauty is, you’re not losing out on any money by not making a sale; you’re only failing to move forward.

The Perfect Starting Point

Every business needs the perfect starting point, and we believe it is your website. Your website is the powerhouse of a dropshipping business, especially a brand new one. You have no other way of selling the products other than through your website. Some people prefer to invest and have a website designed by a web developer. 

The perks? Web developers can put more specialized features on your website. Online personal loans would give you the money to pay for features such as an online chat service, interactive FAQ’s, and better ordering form features, such as remembering customer details. Once you have your website and have decided on the products you want to sell, you need a third-party supplier. E-commerce website builders such as WIX and Shopify can put you in contact with suppliers, but they’re easy enough to find online.

You might benefit from looking at other e-commerce websites to see how they have set up their store and how their order process works. Buy a product from another dropshipping store and see what you think and how you think you would improve it if it were your business. Market research is just as essential with a dropshipping store as any other business venture.

Dropshipping is a viable business option that many people are trying out. There is still a gap in the market waiting for you – although dropshipping is popular, there are still tons of products you could sell well. What products would you be interested in selling?

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