Regarding the best and most affordable commercial vehicles, the trustable 4-wheeler Tata Magic is always a hot pick. It is one of the amazingly performing commercial vehicles binding many businesses a perfect shape and efficiency. In March 2023, Tata commercial vehicle sales reached 89,351 units with a change of 3% only.

A versatile van like the Tata Magic performs efficiently in all conditions. Tata Magic, which debuted in 2007 and offered six and 7-passenger seating, has a proven track record in revamping the passenger transport industry. Tata Magic can easily navigate congested traffic thanks to its compact size and enclosed steel body. You can also go faster than lane restrictions.

The Amazing Reasons to Pick Tata Magic for Your Commercial Use

Shaping your business takes work, especially in transport, delivery of goods, and the medical sector. Magic from Tata Motors is one of the biggest steals in India to invest in. Here we have listed some aspects of what makes this spacious, 10-seater van a purposeful segment in 2023.

1. Features:

The Tata Magic Express offers features that make traveling comfortable regardless of speed or terrain, including a single plate dry friction diaphragm-type clutch system, front disc and rear drum brakes, anti-skid bars – front and rear roll, semi-elliptical leaf spring included front and rear, and a double-acting telescopic type hydraulic shock absorber. This commercial vehicle has solved the accountability for mileage, speed, and comfort.

They are also designed to be low maintenance and upkeep, allowing the ambulance to spend more time rescuing and helping people. Tata Magic Price is also very reasonable, making it an affordable choice of commercial vehicle for Indian small-scale businesses and the medical sector. Tata Magic car is also available in colors like White and Yellow, adding a choice of investment.

2. Specifications:

The elegantly designed Tata Magic Express Type-B ambulance cabin has five-door openings that allow easy entry and exit to serve patients, stretchers, and the medical team in the cabin. To provide optimal interior space, its engine and transmission have been compacted. It accommodates the patient, three carers, a doctor, and all the necessary medical equipment.

As for safety and cleanliness, include an LED skylight, antibacterial flooring, a fire extinguisher, and a sound system. These also have provisions for self-loading stretchers, medical cabinets, bed stretchers with IV connections, and oxygen cylinders.

3. Advantage:

The Tata Magic Express Type-B ambulance returns a mileage of 19.06 km/l and has a large 30-liter fuel tank, further reducing operating costs—a smart investment for businesses and public sector mobile medical service providers.

The new Tata Magic Express Type-B Ambulance BS6 is another capable and reliable ambulance designed by Tata Motors as a fully functional dispensary on wheels and interested. Next to medical care services comes its usability as a school van to drive kids comfortably and safely.

4. Advanced Performance and Design Elements:

The enclosed steel body of the Tata Magic Express Type-B Ambulance is sturdy and can withstand long hours and varied terrain. It also has a turning radius of 4.3 meters, which makes it easy to maneuver on narrow or congested roads. The ambulance van engine is the most fuel-efficient diesel engine in its class, delivering 33 kW of power, 110 Nm of torque from 1700 to 2000, 38% grade ability, and the best economy of 19.06 km/ I.

5. Necessary Basic Medical Facilities and Spacious:

Tata Magic offers spacious interiors with room for medical experts to provide top-notch care to customers with medical supplies if needed. The interior also includes a doctor’s seat and five attendant benches. Tata Magic Car can be easily merged with custom choices and needs.

The Final Verdict:

Tata Magic Commercial Vehicle is one of the best vehicles for commercial use. It is affordable and very powerful. In the above article, we have shared why Magic from Tata Motors is good for commercial uses. If you need this versatile commercial vehicle, explore the Tata Magic on-road Price on Droom. You can even look for others and compare the best to pick for your business.

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