The world we live in today is far removed from that of only 50 years ago and we are definitely living in a digital age. The need for managed IT services has spawned a new sector and, in this article, we take a look at some of those services on offer by an established managed IT services provider.

The very real threat of cyber-attack

There are unscrupulous IT experts who turn to crime to support their lifestyle and stealing data is a very common cyber-crime.  The hacker uses many strategies and techniques to gain access to your data and the best possible protection is to engage the services of a leading IT support company. They have the skill and the resources to ensure that your network is protected 24/7 and with that kind of support, you no longer have to worry about data theft.

Cloud data storage

The majority of medium to large companies have already migrated to the cloud and for very good reasons; you can access all of your business data from any geographical location, using any digital device. All of your employees are given a username and password and they can update files in real time, which helps to keep everyone on the same page. Storing your data on remotely located servers also means your data is protected by top cyber-security professionals.

Real time video communication

If you have yet to use Voice over Internet Protocol, talk to a Portland IT support company and they would be happy to give you a free demo video call, so you can see the quality for yourself. There is no bulky hardware to install; all you need is a digital device and a stable Internet connection and you can call any number.

Using a platform such as Zoom, you can arrange video meetings with your team of managers and there are powerful collaboration tools to help you interact in a virtual environment. When you make the switch to VoIP from cellphone networks, you save a lot of money. Using Internet telephony is much cheaper than making calls with your cellphone. Click here for tips on small business security.

How to cope with an IT disaster

There are many things that can go wrong with IT; your data could be stolen or lost due to a drive crash and without a disaster recovery plan in place, this could seriously damage a business. An IT support company can help you to create an effective disaster recovery plan and that can be implemented, should it ever be needed. If your cyber-security is breached at any time, you need to know what to do.

Every business strives for global connectivity and with managed IT services, your business will be equipped to carve out a good market share; search online for a local IT support company in Portland and let them show you how managed IT services can benefit your business.

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