Over the last decade, the culture of collecting rare shoes has increased. Exclusive sneakers such as Air Jordans and Asics are now accessible at the press of a button on digital sites like ShoeGrab, where the sale and resale of these rare sneakers in Sydney have moved from offline sneakers cons.

Once a hobby for a select few, collecting rare shoes is now a popular financial option that may pay out handsomely. According to analysts, the AUD 2.7 global sneaker resale industry is expected to quadruple in value over the next five years.

Nike Air Jordan 5 (F&F) Retro Trophy Room (F&F) was one of the best-selling shoes in 2019, with an average selling price of more than AUD 7000 sold. AUD 15,300 is expected to be the next highest offer for the Jordan 1 Retro High Dior, which is expected to be on sale soon. Sneaker collecting has evolved from a pastime for diehards to an asset, as shown by these numbers.

Why Do People Collect Sneakers in Today’s Economic Climate?

The aspect of return on investment has always been a byproduct of the long-standing tradition of building a rare shoe collection. Many shoe collectors attempt to purchase two of the same model because they know that the second pair will be worth more in the future. It was a passion project that inspired individuals to grow their collections in a way that was both emotionally rewarding and financially rewarding for them.

With that said, entrants to the hiking resale market have discovered the economic benefits of the sport, and its resale value has grown beyond the initial interest in shoes. Unfortunately, rather than promoting a passion for shoes and tales accompanying them, it’s taken attention away from connecting with others and building a community in the sneaker culture.

Fashionable and Reputable Real Sneakers

  1. Air Jordan: Air Jordans were almost the first pair of shoes to pique people’s interest in them. Designed for basketball players in 1984 and made available to the general public in 1985. There are both positive and negative things about these shoes, but their historical significance and contribution to the sneaker subculture are what everyone remembers them for.
  2. Air Force: Even though they predate the Air Jordan, these shoes had a resurgence in popularity after the release of the Michael Jordan collection. The Nike Air technology was initially used in these sneakers, making them pioneers in their field. A variety of options are available today, ranging from low to ultra-high, in five different categories. There have been many editions of this book throughout the years. They also feature an “AF1” medallion on the side that may be worn with laces punched through it.
  3. Nike Air Yeezy: In 2009, Kanye West and Nike collaborated on the Nike Air Yeezy, a unique sneaker. There were three colourways available, including one designed by Kanye West. These characteristics, plus the tales behind the shoes, helped to make them so popular that all of them were snapped up within minutes of being on sale.

How Can You Tell If Your Sneakers Are Real Or Fake?

Check for features like stitching and typography to help you distinguish between authentic and counterfeit shoes. Genuine sneakers may be determined from fakes by their level of artistry, attention to detail, and materials. The sneaker-counterfeit business has gotten close to using authentic materials, but the stitching, finishing, and other minor details are of worse quality than those seen on the originals.

The typefaces, shoe tags, and package labels are examples of how the differences may be observed. When in doubt, have a reputable dealer inspect it. In addition, buying rare shoes from reputable online and offline retailers that guarantee their authenticity is a good idea. Ask the family’s elders if they have any old clothing or shoes you may borrow. There’s a possibility they may be popular once again and have a high resale value. One can easily find genuine, rare sneakers in Sydney.

How to keep your collection of rare sneakers in tip-top shape?

  1. Keeping rare shoes in good condition is essential if you want to sell them at a profit in the future.
  2. Keep your shoes in the dark, cool place to prevent them from fading from too much exposure to light. Using a shoe tree to preserve sneakers is one of the most effective methods since it keeps wrinkles and odours free.
  3. Join the community of sneakerheads and learn about the culture, new releases, and aftercare of the footwear you love.
  4. Recognise and stay in contact with sellers from sneaker stores for any questions.
  5. Carefully handle and adequately wash the insoles. Before cleaning the shoe, please get to know it. Then, to get it back to its former glory, use the appropriate type of conditioner and cleaning supplies.

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