Management degrees have always been the top priority for college students. Among these degrees, MBA tops the chart. It is a two-year post-graduate degree that is offered by almost all the Top MBA Colleges in India.

Now, an MBA degree is valuable in the long run, for it can open career avenues across businesses. However, few exceptional colleges bring something more to the table, and Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is one. But this is not the sole reason to pursue an MBA degree at CGC Landran; there are other grounds. 

Top Reasons to choose CGC Landran for MBA:

  • In-demand specializations: MBA at CGC Landran comes with those specializations which are currently the most coveted ones. By extending these, the college has made attempted to provide choices to the candidates. 

As of now, there are five significant streams that the institute is offering: 

  1. Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Management Information Systems
  5. Business Analytics
  • Robust training programs: What makes CGC Landran the best choice for MBA is providing a bouquet of training programs that furnish the overall skill sets of candidates. There is a well-defined Training and Placement Program flow that taps into all the areas which need training. 
  • Global exposure: MBA is famous for bridging gaps between borders. For an MBA degree holder, there is no restriction whatsoever; he can transcend boundaries. But with CGC Landran, it can happen even before the completion of the degree. The college has a gamut of student exchange programs ranging from Semester exchange programs, virtual schools, international study trips, etc. 
  • Placement drive: The annual placement drive at CGC Landran invites a total of 691 recruiters to source talent. The list of these top recruiters includes Google, Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, Cipla, Deloitte, Samsung, Axis Bank, Capgemini, etc. With excellent training & development facilities, the college has managed to receive about 6617 placement offers. The highest package so far is 35 LPA, and for the future, the college is aiming higher.
  • Industry-academia collaboration: Mere theory cannot help candidates sail towards a better position; for that to happen, students need to get exposed to the actual working conditions of the industry. On account of this, CGC Landran has clinched deals with several companies across sectors to help candidates in assimilating the core responsibilities related to that particular field.  
  • Enticing entrepreneurs: CGC Landran acknowledges that many candidates aspire to start their businesses; therefore, the college leaves no stone unturned to foster their thoughts. It has an IEDC cell whose sole purpose is to nurture entrepreneurial ideas and help candidates become adept at handling their businesses. Perhaps it is one reason behind the college winning scores of awards for being one of the Best BBA colleges in India 

The following Top MBA Specializations: – 

 Here are the top Five MBA Specializations Below Here: – 

 1) MBA Marketing: –  

Today, amidst the cut-throat competition, having exemplary advertising and marketing strategies is a must. So, MBA Marketing imparts understanding about the entire advertising area, focusing on marketing, Operations management, forecasting, method development, digital marketing, etc. Almost and every organization has a committed branch that supervises all of the advertising and marketing activities. Consequently, going for an MBA Marketing degree is the right decision. 

 2) MBA Human Resource Management:

This hardly ever needs any introduction. MBA Human Resource Management has constantly been a people’s choice. The credit for the equal goes to the extensive scope and thrilling professional opportunities. Talking about it, do you understand that anyone with an MBA in Human Resource Management can get a job in any enterprise or organization. This is one profile besides which none of the businesses can function. 

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3) MBA Finance: –

MBA Finance focuses on the administration of bills and funds of companies. There are sure economic goals set via organizations, and to obtain those, positive management is the key player.

4) MBA Information Technology: 

MBA IT assists college students in turning into experts at managing the information systems in an organization consisting of economic administration accounting, managerial economics, database management, etc.

 5) MBA Business Analytics: 

MBA Business Analytics is a new-age specialization that faucets into quite several disciplines at once. The main focal point of the degree is to assist college students imbibe technical, business-related, leadership, and administration skills. It makes them knowledgeable in synthetic intelligence, provides chain management, advertising and marketing analytics, records analysis, and so on. 

To sum it up, Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran can become the Top MBA Colleges in India for those wishing to learn the latest trends. There are plethoras of facilities that the institute offers, and some of the other amenities are lined up for getting introduced in the times to come. Keeping in view all of the above, one should get admission to this college without a dint of doubt. It will be worth it!

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