Office is supposed to be a productive place. But, in between all the rush and work that has to be done every working day, it’s not surprising how offices can become messy, unkempt, and dirty. This fact is the reason why a major office cleaning day is often scheduled. Even if you have a dedicated team of cleaners to take care of the day-to-day chores, this one, big, periodic clean-up is a must. 

So, perhaps you have one scheduled in the coming days. That’s good news. Given how a clean office can positively impact employee productivity and morale, be sure to leave no cranny untouched during a major cleanup.

In line with this, here are four tried and tested cleaning and organizing tips you can apply during your office cleaning day.

1. Call A Rubbish Removal Service

You may have gone through multiple office cleanups in the past and heard about rubbish removal services like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. But, have you actually considered giving one a ring? 

When you go through a major office cleaning day, you never know how much trash you’re going to accumulate. Perhaps those junk can also be in all sorts of shapes and sizes – not just the usual junk paper. The office premises may be clean per se, but now you’re left wondering what to do and how to deal with all the junk strewn in and around your overflowing bins?

The solution is to hire a rubbish removal service. They’ll clean up your trash and take a huge weight off your shoulders by clearing your garbage bins. All you’ll need to do is to schedule for the rubbish collection company to collect your waste on your scheduled office cleaning day.

2. Declutter Your Desk

Before tackling the bigger cleaning and organization things to do, start small first. This means going through your desk and clearing it off the clutter. When your desk is messy, that actually affects your productivity too. It’s harder to focus on the tasks at hand when you’re distracted by the clutter around you.

Your desk is your responsibility. You can keep it clean and well-maintained with these simple ideas:

  • Go digital, whenever possible, so you can reduce the piling up of pieces of paper
  • Clean up your cup of pens and discard the ones that aren’t usable anymore
  • Set aside five minutes after every working day to organize your desk – don’t wait for that major office cleaning day to do it

Once you’re done cleaning your desk, be sure to wipe it regularly with a surface disinfectant to make it germ-free as well.

major office cleaning day is often scheduled

3. Dust All Surfaces

Yes, it’s not just your floor that needs dusting. Even if you’re in an airconditioned office, dust piles up. Your janitorial team takes care of the daily vacuuming, but remember that there are other areas that need dusting too. Think cabinets, ceilings, books, plants, and all your office décor and memorabilia.

During your office cleanup day, make sure that dusting is part of your checklist. Cleanups always make your workspace look great. Health-wise, it can also ensure fewer employee absences due to allergies and colds due to dust that accumulated over time.

4. Wash Your Hands Regularly

As you go full force on your office cleaning day, make it a point too to encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly. You don’t just want your office to look good. Rather, it should also be clean and safe from germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Your office cleaning day will only be futile when dirty hands touch any surface. So, take breaks to regularly wash your hands. That way, the chances of passing germs around are significantly reduced. 

The proper way of washing your hand is to lather them with soap. Start with your fingers and the spaces in-between, then to your wrist, and finally on your elbows. A proper handwash should last for 20 seconds to make sure that germs get washed away. And then finish it off by wiping your wet hands with a clean cloth. 


Now that you’ve got some of the best cleaning and organization tips for your office cleaning day, it’s up to you to check and see how you can apply these tips in your own workplace. Don’t skimp on your office cleanup. 

Remember that a clean office is hygienic and leaves a good impression on your clients. It also boosts the employees’ productivity, encourages organizing, and may prevent absences due to sickness.

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