Modern furniture ideas are a blessing for compact rooms that are reminiscent of city living. In terms of both style and practicality, modern furniture is engineered to be flexible and adaptable. They are the perfect solution for most interior decorators to combat the many spatial challenges that come with compact homes.

One of the biggest advantages of contemporary furniture is that it can incorporate a wide number of design styles and budgets. Whether you are looking for a reproduction antique or something Bohochic, modern furniture can help create the illusion of space and maximize the potential of your teeny home.

List of 9 Modern Furniture ideas for a small space:

1. Invest in a Pull-out Counter Table:

Laptops are commonplace in our modern lifestyle. In a small interior where the dining room/kitchen has to also function as a workspace, a pull-out bar-style table is a unique solution. It can be used for eating meals, working, playing board games etc. When not in use, simply slide it back into the kitchen or unit. If you are unable to find something like this in the market, you can always commission a carpenter for a customized cupboard where you can tuck away a pull-out counter table.

Pull-out Counter Table

2. Take advantage of Vertical Space:

If you’ve got kids and space is in a crunch, bunk beds are a great solution. Look for one that has a platform where the kids can play games or study. Besides, bunks are a good way to teach sharing amongst siblings.

To create an authentic cabin feel, opt for a natural wood bunk.  Consider accessorizing the room in camping-style accessories such as a ladder, compass etc.

By installing a bunk bed, you’re taking up space vertically rather than horizontally, leaving some leg space for the children.

3. Add additional Seating with a Sectional Sofa:

Sectional sofas are a smart investment because they enable you to maximize seating in a tiny space. To boost some space, place your sectional in a corner. Not only does this help create room for additional seating but it designates a nook for get-togethers. To create a visual pop, add cushions or throw in an opposite color to the sectional. This will naturally draw the eye to this area.

Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas typically have two to three seating areas that are linked together. You can easily break these up and move them around as per your needs.

4. Select slimmed-down modern furniture Pieces:

Look for furniture with petite proportions. For example, a card table can be easily used as a nightstand or bedside table. An armless chair with low legs can be placed in a corner where it can become your reading nook.

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5. Make enough Room for Two:

If your space doesn’t allow for a dining table and you don’t entertain or have frequent overnight guests, then why waste precious space with a table and an extra bed? Instead, opt for a bistro-style table with a few high stools for seating. These can be easily tucked into a corner and creates a snazzy look for mealtimes.

Similarly, a day bed or pull-out sectional sofa is a good way to have additional sleeping space for when people do stay over. This can be easily hidden from view when not in use and doesn’t take up additional floor space.

6. Opt for Light-Reflecting Materials:

Although wood adds an antique and comfortable look to space, glass is the ideal solution for small homes. It naturally reflects light and doesn’t block sight lines. Metals have the same effect. A metal-framed glass center table is a good investment because not only does it bounce light but it also opens up space.

7. Use Linen Fabrics on Window:

When shopping for window treatments, create a pared-down elegant feel by using the same fabric and color on all your windows. Linen is a great option because it helps to create a harmonious and elegant look. If you opt for treatments in various colors, it chops up space, making the area seem smaller.

8. Buy dual-purpose modern furniture Pieces:

A contemporary sofa bed is an ideal space-saving solution because it doubles as a seating area and a bed, making it suitable for a one-room apartment or a tiny studio. Choose a neutral tone in a soft fabric. You can add splashes of color using throws and cushions.

9. Increase the Scale of Select Pieces:

In a small master bedroom, use the play-with-scale trick to make a small room look sumptuous and large. Start by installing a big headboard to trick the eye into assuming the room is taller than it is. Consider an upholstered headboard accompanied by layered bedding and cushions to add a touch of luxury to a small space.

small master bedroom

When you live in a small space, you don’t have to compromise on style or function. By investing intelligently in modern furniture pieces, you can achieve a wonderful look in a small space.

For more ideas on how to decorate a tiny space with modern furniture, contact Creative Furniture Store.

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