Impressed by the Gojek App? Want to make an app like Gojek? It’s no surprise the business owners wish to replicate this on-demand multi-service app. In this pandemic, businesses at large have been affected. Entrepreneurs are looking for ways to get back on track, earn revenue and expand. And Gojek Clone App seems to be the perfect option for generating revenue regardless of the pandemic.

What Is Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone App is inspired by the popular Gojek App of Indonesia. The app offers on-demand multiple services to the citizens of Indonesia. The app was a tremendous success as people were able to call for any help, order anything on the go. The best part, it boosted the local communities, offered jobs, and the services were extremely affordable.

Thus, the soaring reason behind entrepreneurs is looking to invest in Gojek Clone App. The clone script has been specifically designed to make sure that it offers similar business benefits to the appreneur, users as well as service providers and delivery drivers. The new features are integrated along with 60+ multiple service apps that make it quick, easy, and convenient to accomplish the tasks.

New Features To Incorporate To Make It Different

The Gojek Clone App with new version 2021 features such as:

  • Restricted passenger limit offers freedom to the driver to restrict the intake of the passenger during the ride. This helps in maintaining social distance
  • The ride cancelation option can be used by both driver and the rider. One of them either can cancel the ride if they are not following the safety protocols
  • The face mask verification feature verifies that the driver is wearing a face mask all the time by uploading a selfie
  • Safety ratings and review is asked at the end of the trip from the user to know if the driver followed the safety measures
  • Applying toll cost manually where the driver will add the toll fare to the invoice when the trip ends.
  • Option to calculate the fare both the ways –  the user either pays the estimated fare or pays according to the road traveled. 
  • Store wise commission enables admin to set different commission rates for every store.
  • Day wise separate time slots enable store owners/restaurants to edit their working hours and days suiting to their consumer’s demands.
  • Item name searching provides a quick search of the item names to the users
  • 18+ age confirmation asks the user to upload their 18+ age proof when they are buying such stuff
  • Voice instruction for the delivery drivers allows the user to send voice note regarding specific the deliveries
  • Order cancellation by the delivery driver in the certain scenario where they are unable to do deliveries
  • Restaurant owners can upload their kitchen picture showcasing how strictly they are following the safety measures
  • Graphical icon status of the order/rides enables the user to check the status in the graphical form via in-app notifications

Multiple Services That Inflate Your Business Revenue 

Gojek Clone App is a super app that accommodates 60+ services for your users to avail themselves on the go. This includes:

  • On-demand taxi booking services – The feature enables users to book their taxi rides on the go. Furthermore, you can integrate by offering carpooling/ride-sharing, shuttle services, cab rentals, Moto rides, etc.
  • On-demand parcel delivery services –  This feature enables the users to pick up and send the parcel to single as well as multiple locations.
  • On-demand store-based delivery services – This feature offers users to place online orders to the nearby stores. This includes on-demand grocery, on-demand food, on-demand alcohol, on-demand florist, on-demand pharmacy, and so on.
  • On-demand services – This feature includes users to hire on-demand services like tutors, beauticians, electricians, plumber, babysitters, handyman services, maid, sanitization services, road assistance, etc.

What Does Gojek Clone Script Package Include? 

This multi-service app allows you to add on-demand food delivery, taxi booking solutions, grocery delivery, dog walker, beauticians, handyman services, and much more without a hassle. Thus, the Gojek Clone Script solution offering maximum services to your users so that you can multiply your profits. The app development company will provide you with the Gojek Clone App package that includes:

  • Android app for users, providers, and delivery professionals
  • IOS App for users, providers, and delivery professionals
  • Responsive website
  • User web panel
  • Admin panel as well as a dispatcher web panel
  • Store/service provider web panel

In Conclusion

Integrating Gojek Clone App with new features and multiple services addressing your user needs will guarantee to inflate your business revenues. Connect with a Gojek Clone Script Solution Company offering you a white-label solution at affordable rates. The white-label script will give you 100% customization and scalability offering you to expand without spending extra. 

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