If you are wondering how to create Edu Email, then you are in the right place. This article will tell you what .edu email is and how to get an edu email. “Edu” mails are also known as educational extension mails.

It’s a student-only educational email (US residents only), but if you’re not a student and you need a .edu email for discounts without going to school, this is the right article. This method allows you to generate a sample free educational email name.This method worked 100% in 2023.

What Is Edu EMail?

Like any other email address, Edu’s email is an email address. Edu email addresses have a “.edu” extension. This is in the form of Edu’s email address Edu email is similar to other email addresses such as Gmail and Hotmail. Also, you cannot rename yourself.Edu email address once it has been created. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing email.

The reason for receiving this email from an institution is that students can now receive official emails about university admins, professors, deans, and institutional activities. Some universities, not just students, provide .edu emails to their employees for use.

You will be given a .edu email once you are admitted to individual institutes or colleges. But not all of us can afford such universities and colleges. If you still looking for a solution about how to create an Edu email then read this complete article.

So, you might be wondering why this Mail is more important?

Benefits Of Edu Email:

Having a .edu EMail means a discount on many software and educational service platforms. Logging in with this Mail alone can give an instant discount for many offers provided by those platforms. Few are listed below;

1) Amazon Student Package:

Using this Mail, you can get an extended free trial period for amazon prime. The period might extend up to 6 months.

Students with an educational email ID can use the Amazon Student Pack. First, you need to create an Amazon student account. Free shipping for these students for the first two days. With this feature, you can buy unlimited multimedia streaming (movies, magazines, music)

2) Apple Benefits:

If you have an educational email, you have the opportunity to save money on Apple products. If you’re interested in buying an Apple device such as a laptop or computer, you can get a $ 200 discount.

3) Auto desk

Get a discount and frees on America’s international engineering design platform’s products on their applications by logging in to Autodesk with your .edu email.

4) Adobe

Another comprehensive platform that provides you excess storage and discounts on adobe creative cloud.

5) Microsoft 365

Every student will use MS office at least once a month; mostly, we use a cracked version or web version. Using this email account, you can get a discount on many Microsoft products, including MS office.

6) GitHub Student Developer Pack:

The GitHub Student Development Package is one of the services provided by the development tools. It is free for students. They offer many offers and services to your students. There are typically 12 transactions, including Amazon AWS Coupons, CrowdFlower, Bitnami, Ocean Digital Coupons, DN Samples, Orchestrate, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, GitHub, Hacking Hands Credit, CI Travel, and SendGrid.

7) Dropbox

Another useful platform and this Mail gives you ample storage space in dropbox if you log in.

8) Spotify

Using this account, you can get a 50% discount on Spotify premium account plans. This could make your study sessions enjoyable.

9) Audible Free Trial

Audible is an E-book streaming platform owned by Amazon, and you get a free 30-day trial. To save your payments, cancel the subscription on the 29th

10) Netflix

An extended trial period for Netflix is available for you as a student who owns an edu mail ID.

12) Canva pro

 Go to Canva and log in using the .edu mail ID and get free features. This gives you a premium subscription for a year.

13) YouTube

Everybody uses YouTube. But we will be annoyed by the ads that we run into and the download for specific videos’ unavailability. So, the YouTube premium feature is free.

14) AWS Educate

Free access to this cloud starter service that is worth $100.

15) Newegg Premier:

You’ll have the opportunity to create a primary account in Newegg and get access for a year for just $ 50.

16) Last pass:

LastPass is free for students with an educational email ID for the first six months.

17) Unity 

A game development platform that provides you lifetime free service with this email.

18) MS DreamSpark:

Please use MSDreamSpark. In addition to this, you can get several other software and MS Office 365. Also, the subscription is free.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Free edu Email?

First, you need to have one because you are a current student at that particular school. These accounts are essential for students as they are one of the main ways to get in touch with the school about classes, registration, etc. Students may also use this account to submit assignments. for teachers and other administrative staff, this is effectively your work email.

  • Not all institutions and universities can apply for this; only those recognized by the U.S. Department of Education are eligible to apply for the edu domain.
  • Only people within the age of 23-26 are eligible to get a .edu email account.
  • And only the institutions and universities situated in the US are eligible for the application of edu mail. If you are not meeting any eligibility criteria, don’t worry, We will be taking care of it later in the article.

More professional

If you want to enjoy your email, you can use the .edu address when you need to send an email in a more professional context. For example, you can use this address for job hunting to let recruiters know in advance where you studied and make a better first impression than an email.

Also, like any other free email address, this helps reduces spam at the primary address.


A valid .edu email address unlocks educational discounts for various products and services. These discounts usually require active registration, but in most cases, the discounts are only approved for the presence or absence of an address with the .edu mark.

How To Create Free Edu Email Address?

So let’s get started. They will share the entire process of composing .edu emails in two parts and describe the complete process for composing .edu emails for free.

Educause is the only place that sells domain names for Edu email.

If you want your edu mail, go to Educause.com and register your domain. Then get your edu email account if you meet all the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

If clarification is required in the eligibility criteria, visit eligibility-Educause.

This will go without encumberment if you are a US citizen who is a student in an institution or university recognized by the US Department of education. All you have to do is fill in the details asked by the registering window and follow the directions.

But get this with you, anything is not for free, even though you are a student, you must pay a bit to get your .edu email.

To Create any Free Edu email, you need to have a valid USA address, with a local area phone number with SSN Number (Social Security Number). If you are not a USA resident but still want to get a free EDU email, you need to get it from the web by doing the below steps. Please read carefully about How to get the USA to address an SSN number.

How to Generate a US local address and valid SSN number?

Did you know that the Social Security Administration (SSA) began assigning 9-digit Social Security Numbers (SSNs) in 1936 and tracked workers’ lifetime income to pay benefits?

To Create a Temporary or fake USA address please go to this website ‘US Real Random Address‘ and put your desired state from the drop-down menu and then write your city and ZIP code. After filling in all the details, you click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button. 

Now you can list names and addresses with their phone Number, Please choose an address and save it somewhere for further use.

The SSN always consists of a 3-digit area number and a 2-digit group number, ending with a 4-digit serial number. Since 1972, SSA has centrally issued social security cards, where the area number reflects the state and is determined by the zip code of the application’s mailing address.

How to Generate US SNN Number?

Obtaining a new Social Security number does not solve all the problems of personal information theft. Government agencies and some businesses may keep a record of their original Social Security number.

In addition, credit reporting companies use social security numbers and other personal information to identify personal credit files, so using a new number does not guarantee a new start. However, you can limit misuse by paying attention to your personal information and monitoring your credit report for fraud.

To generate the United States ‘Social Security Number,’ you can visit this website and generate an SSN number. You can also validate your generated SNN number from here. You can get both USA address and SSN number from this website too.

Now We are going to share three platforms from where you can create edu email for free. To create edu mails, you can follow below steps written in this post.

Now Create Free edu Email:

If you are not interested in spending dollars from your wallet, try free methods around the internet. One such way is by creating an open CCC account.

Note: This has nothing to do with this article; you are following the free method at your own risk. So, do this after accepting that only you are responsible for the consequences.

Please don’t get scared by the note above, yes, it is not right to use a free Edu mail account, but it is available. Read with caution below to know how to get an Edu email for free.

1. CCC Edu Email

create your edu email for free

Visit California Community Colleges website to create an email account. You will be directed to a page like the above-shown image, click “Begin Creating My Account.

This has another restriction. If you are a US citizen, you can skip this step ahead and fill in the details. If not, you need a fake address to create an open CCC account.

Note: When you fill in the details, make sure to note it for further usage and save prior.

While filling in the details you will be asked for a valid US contact number. You can find that on the web too. But make sure your address location matches with the contact number.

Once you’ve created your open CCC account, go back to the home page of open CCC and login to the account you just created. When all is done, you have to wait for some time, and you’ll get your free email with the edu domain.

While registering for an open CCC account, you’ll be asked for an email account. They provide your email id so that later the Edu email login details will be sent to that account’s inbox.

2. UWM Edu email: 

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, known as UWM, is one of the famous institutions located in the US and the No. 1 wholesale lender of the nation.

UWM is one of the institutions that provide us with Edu email. Using the UWM Edu email, we can access Office 365 for free.

Most of the students there don’t even use this feature. UWM spends a couple of dollars per year to make this possible. So, it is our responsibility to make use of this opportunity.

Along with UWM if you are willing to take your education to the US and use this edu email.

3. VCC Edu mail:

VCC Edu email

If you want an Edu email, then head on to any one of the Virginia Community Colleges‘ affiliates.

Go to any one of those college’s official websites and apply for the college.

Required data: 

1. Valid US address. (you can generate easily by the following method in this article)

2. Social Security Number (SSN) that matches the locality in the address.

3. Phone Number that matches the locality.

4. Temporary Email ID to receive the .edu email login credentials.

Steps for Creation and Edu Email:

Step 1.

  • Scroll and find apply button and if you are interested in pursuing an education in any of the universities, apply it with proper intel. If you want a free .edu email, you need a fake address and contact details, as discussed earlier.

Step 2.

  • After “Apply,” click “Start New Registration.”

Step 3. 

  • Then, slowly fill in all the details in the registering process. If you are asked for visa type in case you chose an international applicant, choose none and go for the next step.

Step 4.

  • Once this is done after some time, you’ll receive the verification through email on the registered ID.

Step 5. 

  • After 2 or 3 days after that is done, you are ready with your free Edu email ID.

Which Company Offers The Rate Software To Use If You Have Edu Mail?

With free software, it’s hard not to wonder if there are any pitfalls. After all, it’s free and convenient, so why not let us pay for it?

Fortunately, the free software market has grown significantly in recent years, challenging tech-savvy software companies to make great programs available to everyone.

No matter what you study, you will need some office suite, similar to Microsoft Office, without expensive price tags The list of organizations offering free software and online access to products and services is much longer than the space in this article. Still, many highlights should impress students and researchers reading this. There is. They include:

1). Autodesk

If you are in the field of architecture, engineering, or construction, Autodesk is the perfect place for software and services, including CAD / CAM tools. Many of their software licenses are free, and the software itself can be downloaded via .edu email. Prices for these packages range from $ 440 to $ 2,545 per year without the .edu extension.

2) Google G Suite for Education:

If you’ve used Google Drive before, you have 15GB of free space for your files. It’s a lot of space if you’re writing the final treatise, but much less if you’re processing a lot of data to investigate or process a video file. However, for .edu mail, the space limit ranges from 15GB to 5TB, and for beginners, it is terabytes. This is a huge amount of data that can survive the entire college career and 10 or 2 years later.

3) Microsoft Office:

One of the most powerful suites on the market, a large package of well-known basic elements such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. can be expensive for businesses and entrepreneurs. However, if you have the right, you can use it completely free of charge Email. 

4) Amazon Prime:

With a .edu email address, you’ll get a 6-month free trial prime account, up to 90% off textbooks, lots of free shipping, access to a huge library of free movies and videos, and more. There are many benefits.

5) Github:

If you like coding and computers, life isn’t as good as Github. With .edu email, you can subscribe to the Student Developer Pack, a host of unparalleled gifts on the Internet. Includes over $ 1,000 free stuff, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bitnami Business 3, Datadog Pro account, Digital Ocean, Namecheap, Crowdflower, DNSimple, HackHands, Microsoft Azure, Orchestrate, SendGrid, Travis, Github credits Unlimited private repository.


You can get a lot from your .edu email address. You can also use software such as Office 365 to increase your productivity, enjoy all the music you need at a bargain price, or get a new laptop at a discounted price.

If you are already a student in an esteemed institution located in the US and don’t have your Edu login yet and wondering How to create Edu email then check out Educause.

There are many ways to get an Edu email, either by the free or actual method. If you a US citizen and a student in any Edu domain recognized institution, it is your sole duty to use all the features that they provide us. That is why we pay our fee, to enhance our education.

What are you waiting for in all these great deals? Get your .edu email address now and take advantage of it.

Follow the steps shown in the middle of the article to get your free Edu mail id. But keep in mind that you are doing that at your own risk, Technos Daily is not responsible or encouraging you to do that.

FAQ about Free Edu Emails

1. What is Edu’s email address?

Ans: The EDU email address is the email address provided to students and staff by the university, university, and school administrators. You will be awarded when you enroll in a US university. Free EDU email address. United. The state mainly provides Edu email.

2. Is Amazon Prime free for .edu email addresses?

Ans: Amazon offers a to students. Edu 1 year free Amazon Prime email address. This allows buyers to deliver their purchased items free of charge for two days, no minimum purchase required, and some limited emails will be provided. Anyone who isn’t a student can get a one-month trial version of Amazon Prime and kick the tires a bit.

3. What is the purpose of edu mail?

Ans: EDU email accounts have several advantages that are available to students who have them. EDU emails such as big discounts on many desirable products such as Apple, Dell. Alternatively, you can get big discounts on online services such as Dropbox, Spotify, Amazon and LastPass.

4. What can I do with educational emails?

Ans: There are many benefits to having an Edu email account. 

  • Unlimited storage on Google Drive.
  • Amazon Prime is free for 180 days. 
  • Free Office 365 with 1TB OneDrive.
  • 6 months free premium LastPass. 
  • Free Autodesk software. 
  • JetBrains. 
  • Best Buy.
  • Adobe CC discount.

5. What does an educational email look like?

Ans: The main reason for providing EDU email addresses to students is that you can get student discounts on various major sites such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Github and Onedrive. What does my EDU email address look like? EDU emails usually have a .edu extension

6. I received an edu email. How many years does it work?

Ans: The answers to your questions vary from university to university. Some edu accounts will work for about four years, while others may expire after six months.

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